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The lancer evolution series is a mitsubishi sports car that has gained great popularity in both japan and across the world. Sport car japan siam street racing has 224647 members.

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With time and a whole lot of engineering japanese manufacturers grew from their humble roots as an alternative to high priced european makes and models and transcended coach bag status to become.

Sport car japan. Buy and sell group. The 50 greatest japanese sports cars. The datsun 240z took the world by storm with its debut in the late 1960s offering great design and wonderful driving attributes to the masses.

A close second for sukebes but a first for the rest of you normal people is the japanese sports car. Japanese sports cars have been on the north american scene since the mid 60s but its fair to say that it wasnt until the 1990s that they really found their stride and began to stun the world with models like the acura nsx and the toyota supra. Japan used sports cars sports car a sports car sportscar or sport car is a small usually two seat two door automobile designed for spirited performance and nimble handling.

Choose from any of the car rental agencies in japan we work with to rent a sports car ride at the best possible price. Ever since it first went on sale in 1989 the mazda miata has offered a lightweight platform modestly powered four cylinder engine and a slick two seat roadster design that provides a fun well connected driving experience. The mazda miata is one of the purest sports cars ever offered by a japanese or any other automaker.

The best japanese sports cars ever made. Like the beat the az 1 kei car was a japan market only affair. It is a sports car that every car enthusiast has dreamed of driving affectionately called the lan evo or evo for short.

Sports cars may be spartan or luxurious but high maneuverability and minimum weight are requisite. It was designed with city use in mind. The car was a hit and now occupies a large space in the jdm collectors market.

Mitsubishi lancer evolution series. Weve also made it easy for you to rent a sports car car in japan by choosing from some of the top airports in the country. Below you will find great deals on sports car options.

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