Bali Unveiled : The Secrets of Balinese Cuisine

Bali Unveiled : The Secrets of Balinese Cuisine


Highly acclaimed for its cultural art forms -- the enchanting beauty of Bali is reflected in its unique cuisine. Bali Unveiled. The book uncovers the mysteries of the Balinese cuisine that has been little explored before Chef Heinz von Holzen stepped foot on the island. Together with American author and Balinese cultural authority Fred Eisman Jr who has written several books on Bali's culture, Chef von Holzen delves further into the food culture of Bali, uncovering spices, ingredients and cooking techniques, and unveils them all in this cookbook. An introductory paragraph delving into Balinese culture and various aspects of Balinese cuisine can be found in each opening chapter. These authentic recipes are written in an easy to follow format and fully illustrated with stunning full-colour photographs. Beautiful photographs of Bali and her people are also peppered throughout the book. Amateurs will find it a breeze to prepare the dishes in the comfort of their own kitchen while professionals will find the book informative and handy as a reference guide/cookbook.

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Heinz Von Holzen, Fred Eisman
Hardback | 192 pages
220 x 240mm | 966g
Publication date
01 May 2004
Times Editions
Publication City/Country
Singapore, Singapore
Illustrations note
colour photos
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